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Sep 13, 2012 4:00pm EDT
are protecting the united states from a third jihad. >> reporte >> that was mike tiebi reporting. one actress said she's afraid and ready to sue. another says if he knew what the film was going to portray, he would probably have walked right off the set. >>> coming up on news4, a fire that started with a dream. how a sleep walker might have set an apartment building on fire. >> a thief mugs an unconscious man and leaves him on the train tracks. >>> next, on news4 at 5:00, battleground virginia. both campaigns spending the day in the commonwealth. this is a live picture of the first lady in fredericksburg. we'll have a live report for you coming right up. >>> plus, a scam targeting hospital patients and their families. someone used this device to steal thousands of dollars at a local hospital. >>> coming up tonight at 6:00, a driver takes a dangerous route to get around a school bus. we'll have more on this story coming up at 6:00. anncr: this casino's in west virginia. but it makes millions off marylanders every year. now they're running dishonest ads. why? because voting for question seven i
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1